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about us

BioScience Productions is a niche film and video production company that works in two core areas that cover a broad spectrum of specialised fields: science/healthcare and non-profit organisations.

Our team of scientists and creative production professionals are united by a passion for the craft of filmmaking and telling stories that are both engaging, and technically precise.

Our video production process

Our team has been involved in creating content for:


  • Style and concept
  • Scriptwriting
  • Location scouting
  • Crew assembly
  • Art direction
  • Talent acquisition
  • Storyboarding


  • Live video and streaming
  • Studio and green screen shoots
  • Location Shoots
  • International Shoots
  • Event and conference shoots
  • Aerial drone coverage
  • Lighting and grip
  • Multi-Camera
  • Stills Photography
  • Teleprompter


  • Voiceovers
  • Transcriptions
  • Translations
  • Video editing
  • 2 & 3D motion design and graphics
  • 360° virtual reality
  • Music scoring and composition
  • Audio edits
  • Sound design
  • Colour correction

What can you expect?

  • More than 30 years’ combined experience in film, animation and photography
  • A collaborative, client-centred ethos and the highest professional standards
  • A dedication to scientific integrity and technical accuracy
  • A unique integration of clinical precision with dynamic creative storytelling
  • The flexibility to deliver in the most challenging environments
  • Access to a talented pool of scientific and production expertise.

This means you will work with a dedicated team that can take your brief and turn it into a video you’ll love and be proud of.

What makes BioScience Productions special?

We have in-depth expertise in film and video production, including training films, documentaries, social media, marketing and live events. We also have many years of field exposure and hands-on clinical experience working with global scientific and healthcare organisations.

This combined insight means that BioScience Productions has a unique approach.


Live Events

Our team has spearheaded over 300 plus live events and festivals across Europe which means we understand the complexities of events coverage – from multi-camera, sound management and vision mixing we can work with you to ensure your production runs smoothly. Our talent at live-mixing, streaming, grading, graphics, animation means you do not have to worry. From internal client meetings to arena’s and global conferences, we can handle it. No job is too big to manage. 

Aerial Drone Services

Our team has worked with drone’s in some of the most unusual locations and we pride ourselves on our unique perspective going where no one else can. Our aerial film director has even filmed on the SS Montgomery for National Geographic, one of the most dangerous shipwrecks in British waters, all whilst 1,400 tonnes of explosives remained on board. Let us work together to find a new vantage point.

Film & Animation

Our team members have developed concepts, written scripts, directed, animated, and produced hundreds of videos as well as being the brains behind popular YouTube series, podcasts with thousands of listeners analysing the scripts and pre-production of major movies. We believe film can take you on a journey and that storytelling is an art, we understand this as we live it every day. We want to work with you to have the freedom to tell stories that have never been told before.

Client experience

Whichever way you prefer to work, we are flexible and can adapt our approach to suit your needs.

Contact us

About us
BioScience Productions are a London video production studio offering skills in videography, video production, aerial drone videography, and animation for the science and healthcare sectors.

London office
Tel: 020 7205 2702

Boston office
Tel: +1 857 557 6253

About us

BioScience Productions are a London video production studio offering skills in videography, video production, aerial drone videography, and animation for the science and healthcare sectors.

Contact us

London 020 7205 2702
Boston +1 857 557 6253

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