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Filming during the Covid-19 pandemic

Page updated 01.06.20

Creating videos during the pandemic

Many film and video production projects have been put on hold during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, with a little creativity and common sense, there’s no reason why filming shouldn’t go ahead.

By following our guidelines, things don’t need to stop just because we’re on lockdown. After all, with scientists on our team who’ve already worked with epidemics, no one’s better placed to keep everyone safe on set.

1. Animation

Animation and 2D or 3D motion graphics are a powerful way of getting your message across. The whole process; script development, storyboarding, character design, music, voiceover… can all be done remotely.

2. Repurposing

If you own a bank of existing hi-resolution content, this can be edited to create new videos. By re-ordering and mixing footage from different sources, adding new titles, animation, music and voiceovers, we can squeeze extra value out of footage you’ve already commissioned.

3. Stock Footage

Cleverly edited stock footage, especially when used alongside your own content, is an increasingly attractive option at this time. BioScience Productions can research and purchase footage from a wide range of quality royalty-free libraries.

4. Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing is another great way of creating new video content. Ask your clients, staff or supporters to use their smartphones to capture footage. BioScience Productions can work with you to develop scripts and edit videos that contributors send in.

Covid-19 filming guidelines

At BioScience Productions we take Covid-19 very seriously. The following guidelines and protocols ensure the safety of everyone on set. Communication is the key. An induction is provided at call times on every shoot day for all crew members.

These are the safety measures we follow:

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  1. Remote management of all meetings where required.
  2. All government protocols adhered to e.g. movement and social distancing.
  3. All shoot attendees must send the producer a non-disclosure agreement outlining their travel throughout the four-week period prior to the shoot date.
  4. All shoot attendees must send the producer a health declaration outlining any contact with someone who has a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19.
  5. Anyone who has travelled to high-risk countries, or has been in contact with an individual with COVID-19 during the prior four-week period, must not attend the shoot.
  6. Anyone who feels unwell before the shoot must contact the production company so that a replacement can be booked.

On-set behaviour

  1. All efforts will be made to limit numbers on set and wherever possible, shoot direction will be managed remotely by agency or brand teams.
  2. A certified on-set infectious diseases expert (or local country equivalent) will be present on set at all times.
  3. All shoot attendees must record their daily temperature (am and pm) and undergo temperature checks before entering the set. Anyone with a high temperature will not be allowed on set.
  4. All shoot attendees will be issued with an identifier once they pass temperature screening.
  5. All shoot attendees must be alert for any other symptoms of COVID-19, including cough or difficulty breathing. Other symptoms may include, but are not limited to, headache, runny nose, nausea, vomiting or diarrhoea.
  6. Any shoot attendee who feels unwell during the course of the shoot must immediately report to the on-set infectious diseases expert and producer.
  7. All shoot attendees must be respectful of personal space and avoid hugging, touching or shaking hands.
  8. All crew must wear specialised FFP2 grade (N95/KN95 equivalent) facemasks as recommended for use by the World Health Organisation (WHO) throughout the shoot.
  9. Make-up artists, hair stylists and wardrobe must wear eye protection as well as masks/visors. Styling chairs should be kept a minimum of two metres apart. Single-use aprons should be used and disinfection of equipment carried out as necessary.
  10. Where possible, talent should do their own make-up ‘touch-ups’ throughout the shoot.
  11. Catering departments should consider alternate refreshment stands to avoid contact with tea and coffee urns, and other frequent touchpoints.
  12. Water bottles must be labelled to avoid cross-contamination. Only one bottle should be used per person throughout the shoot.
  13. The camera must be at least two metres from talent at all times.
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On-set hygiene

  1. Hand washing and antibacterial solutions must be placed on set and used throughout the shoot by all crew.
  2. Studios must be deep cleaned before and after every shoot. BioScience Productions must obtain validation from studios prior to pre-lighting or shooting.
  3. Cleaning must be undertaken throughout the shoot, especially in common areas such as wardrobe and make-up rooms.
  4. Bathrooms must be frequently cleaned throughout the course of the shoot.
  5. Only boom mics are permitted on set, therefore voice-to-camera scripts should be reviewed prior to shooting.
  6. Make-up and hair department must step-up cleaning protocols, using single-use brushes and applicators. All other equipment must undergo deep cleaning before and after every shoot.
  7. Art department must clean props and surfaces throughout the shoot and between takes.
  8. Catering departments must follow the strictest food safety hygiene practices.
  9. Wardrobe must be certified to have undergone deep cleaning before and after shoots.
  10. Vehicle hire for crew and talent must undergo deep cleaning prior to shoot hire.
  11. Vehicle drivers must follow protocols of temperature checks outlined above.
  12. All shoot attendees must have pocket hand sanitisers and a packet of tissues. Used tissues should be immediately disposed of in bins.
  13. Waste removal must be carried out frequently throughout the shoot.

Along with these guidelines, we acknowledge that common sense and other advice, such as that on the World Health Organisation website, should be followed.

About us
BioScience Productions are a London video production studio offering skills in videography, video production, aerial drone videography, and animation for the science and healthcare sectors.

London office
Tel: 020 7205 2702

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About us

BioScience Productions are a London video production studio offering skills in videography, video production, aerial drone videography, and animation for the science and healthcare sectors.

Contact us

London 020 7205 2702
Boston +1 857 557 6253

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